Martini Service

Delicious Drinks & a Refined Chicago Bar Menu

Craft Cocktails, Fine Wines And Small Plates

Head bartender Dylan Knox consults an expansive library of spirits and other ingredients to create inventive updates of classic cocktails. Nine variations on the signature Old Fashioned and a six-martini flight pay homage to the iconic cocktails of the mid-20th century, while options like the From Old To New and Plum Forgot invite patrons to discover a new (and nuanced) favorite. Fine wines and spirits, plus a curated selection of beers, complement the cocktail list.

A menu of elevated small plates, from executive Chef Brian Millman, are a modern twist on classic hors d’oeuvre, with artisanal cheeses, charcuterie and sweets also featured.

Vol. 39’s menu offerings are rounded out by tableside guéridon service, featuring small-batch Champagne and rare caviars. Perfect for a bit of tasteful indulgence.